Expense Reporting Software For Free

Managing your expense reporting and claims manually is a tedious task for any company. It involves meticulously reviewing huge piles of vouchers, cross checking receipts, making entries accurately, calculating and getting approvals. Wouldn't it be great if an automated system would take care of all this chaos?

Gizmosys expense claim software is designed to get rid of the chaos, while giving you greater control and compliance. It streamlines the entire expense claims process with high focus on cost savings, accuracy, data integrity, policy compliance and time efficiency. Managers can have control and visibility into travel and expense spend. They can easily review, approve, process and audit expense claims.

Use it for free until you are satisfied

  • Create Expense Report
  • Create Expense line items
  • Create Expense Wallet
  • Mobile App from complete workflow
  • Add Mobile / Conveyance / Food / Operation / Admin ..etc types of expenses
  • Save the expense report as draft
  • Get it approved from the manager
  • Finance department can update the status to paid with comments
  • Email alerts
  • Easy email approval
  • Reports

Travel Request

Planning for a business trip could involve browsing through a number of travel and stay options, and finalising one based on the company's travel policy. Moreover, travel plans made by employees need a pre-approval from their managers (and others) to proceed with the booking. So searching for the right travel & stay options and then compiling a report of the same for an approval takes up a lot of productive time of the employees. Here is where an online travel booking tool can play an important part.

  • Create travel request
  • Add travel schedule
  • Add accommodation details
  • Add specific booking comments
  • Get the travel request approved
  • Upload e-ticket by booking desk
  • Track travel request
  • Travel request audit
  • travel dashboard
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