Free Payroll Outsourcing
Employee Self-Service

Employee can login to our cloub web portal and can download payslips, put their respective investment declaration, check projected tax reports etc.

Configure Payroll

Configure the payroll process as per the payhead of clients along with automation check for statutory compliance PF / ESIC / TDS / MLWF.

Client Inputs

Client to provide the payroll inputs of employees with their attendance. The cloud software can be accessed by client to view and upload the data required.

Process Salary

Our expert team will run the salary cycle on behalf of the company HR. Post process the salary data goes through a QC by our team

Challan Submissions

Preparing statutory challans of PF / ESIC / TDS / MLWF by our expert compliance team which goes through two level of checks. The challans are further uploaded to respective Government Portals.

Payroll Reports

Prepare a repository of Salary Sheet as Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly. HR can login to portal to fetch the required report which any dependancy on us.

Scope of Services For Payroll Outsourcing

  • Gizmosys will input/capture, compute and finalize the Client’s payroll i.e. claims and monthly salary payouts. This will be carried out in strictest confidence by Gizmosys based on all payroll related information provided to Gizmosys by the Client, Statutory Bodies in India and any banks pertaining to staff bank loan deductions and subsidies
  • Gizmosys will render the additional services of assisting the Client in capturing and screening the information provided by the Client to ensure that they are in accordance with the Client’s company’s policies and procedures and all government regulations
  • On monthly basis, Gizmosys will make timely cheque request and funds requisition to the Client for the payment of salaries and wages via multiple bankers, statutory payments, namely EPF, ESIC,INCOME TAX, PT Returns & Challans or other loan repayment and subsidies, salaries by cheque, namely resignations and new hires after the monthly payroll cut-off date
  • A time schedule will be agreed between Gizmosys and the Client, stipulating the deadlines
  • Gizmosys will prepare all standard payroll reports, after each payroll period
  • Half Yearly / Yearly, Gizmosys will prepare the Payroll Data for Client Analysis
advantage of payroll outsourcing services - gizmosyssolutions

Payroll Services :

We know that running a business is not an easy task. That’s why we are here. By providing you a comprehensive service in payroll & Compliances, you can say goodbye to extra time spent administering your payroll. So that you can focus on more important things, like, running your business!

With the rapidly changing business environment and a complicated administration procedures system in India especially in the labor environment, most of foreigner companies facing a lot of difficulties to deal with this issue, so using payroll services and payroll outsourcing is one of a smart choice.

Advantages of Payroll Outsourcing :

  • Focus more on Your Core Business
  • Get Access to Expertise and Technology
  • Reduce your Costs
  • Reduce your Risks

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